India Club – Jaipur

Sunday 25 February, 12pm

India Club – Jaipur

Most people say, “Don’t go to Rajasthan in the summer,” but that’s exactly when I went to Jaipur! I remember the sweltering heat, the smell of spices, and the vivid colours, specifically hues of red and orange. It was wonderful. I recall trying to ride a camel, and when the camel gets up, it makes you very wobbly, like you are about to fall.
I remember going to Hawa Mahal (flying palace) and thinking, it would be actually suspended in the air.
But you know what I remember most about Jaipur ? It’s their love for food—the smell of ghee and koyla (coal), and the aroma of roasted spices and slow-cooked meat. I’m hoping I can take you there; come join me at the India Club.

We are going to Jaipur this 25th.

– Harneet Singh Baweja
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