India Club – Goa

Goa is happy, Goa is magical. It is where you go to discover yourself. The food is gentle and fiery all at the same time. There is something for everyone… whether it’s simply grilled with garlic butter or the more punchy Malvani and Konkani flavours. You can have anything or everything you want. Come let’s […]

India Club – Jaipur

Most people say, “Don’t go to Rajasthan in the summer,” but that’s exactly when I went to Jaipur! I remember the sweltering heat, the smell of spices, and the vivid colours, specifically hues of red and orange. It was wonderful. I recall trying to ride a camel, and when the camel gets up, it makes […]

India Club – Kerala

“We are going on a tour this year!’’ Join us for a journey as we rediscover the beauty of India, exploring its diverse landscapes and vibrant flavours . Let’s bring back the joy of travel and create new memories together. Our first stop is Kerala, Don’t forget to join!👝💥 – Harneet Singh Baweja Gunpowder Group

India Club – Pondicherry

The first time I visited Pondicherry it felt like I was in a different world. There were so many contradictions, but somehow it all seem to work. Bold Tamil flavours peppered with a French accent, that in a way elevated local ingredients and made the cuisine original to the many residents of Pondicherry. Walking around […]

India Club – Vrindavan

Love is magic, love is colour. Radha Krishna is the eternal story of love ❤️. Let’s take you to where this love started, where herbs and spices are used to tantalise your senses and make you fall deeper in love. This holi let us celebrate the festival of colour or rather the festival of love in […]